A glimpse “at the end of the road”

Bundibugyo means “at the end of the road”.  And since it’s about 7 hours from the capital city of Kampala, up over the Rwenzori Mountain Range, and only a few miles from the border into the Democratic Republic of Congo, it definitely is at the end of the road.  Here are a few sights from our vision trip to Bundibugyo, Uganda this past July.

View from the front steps of Christ School’s office building, looking out into the courtyard.
CSB Classroom 1
An S5 student (11th grade equivalent) working out his math on the board in front of classmates.
Sunday church service at CSB where I was asked to preach.  I spoke on the parable of the prodigal son – focusing on the gracious Father.
The house we stayed at, and will likely live in once we move to Uganda.  It’s called the mountain view house because, well, there’s a wonderful view of the Rwenzori mountains from the back yard.
The kitube (ki-too-bee) out front of our house.  Traditionally, it’s where people met outside of their houses.  Mostly now it’s where kids play and find shade from the heat.
Adrienne made a few friends … shocking 😉
Soccer Field 1
Beckett played soccer (football) everyday … shocking 😉

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